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EKTA offers high-performance LED lighting equipment for nationwide, citywide and local streets and highways. Luminaires by EKTA are protected from adverse external influences and operate over a wide temperature range. Using high-quality LEDs will guarantee long-life of the prouct


EKTA Company designs and produces the best outdoor LED lighting equipment for highways and roads, streets and alleyways, public squares and building’s surrounding grounds, transport tunnels and various open spaces, industrial areas and warehouses. The available models of lighting equipment for outdoor use have proven to be totally reliable, featuring excellent technical specifications and operational characteristics.

As a light source, high-performance light-emitting diodes, produced by the world's leading manufacturers, are used. LEDs possess high energy efficiency. The use of LED-type luminaires can significantly reduce energy costs while improving the level of lighting quality. In addition to that, some models of EKTA illumination devices have embedded function of luminous flux dimming, which enables to reduce brightness in relation to the road conditions, and consequently reducing power consumption.

All EKTA lighting equipment for outside corresponds to international photobiological safety certificate. Soft and convenient for human eye lights enable drivers and pedestrians to see objects more distinctly and clear, which increase the safety outdoors. The illumination devices ensure the absence of luminous flux pulsations and flickering, which are harmful to human eyes and can cause traffic accidents.

Module-based lens system ensures efficient heat removal from the LEDs as well as from the power supply. Module-type aluminum construction provides sound protection against any equipment-corruptive environmental factors such as water, dirt, dust, condensation. Therefore, LED outdoor lighting equipment helps in avoiding contamination of the housing during operation and supports optimal thermal conditions of the luminaire. Thus, neither extreme heat nor winter cold will affect their high performance. Even in the hard frost LED outside lights will remain bright and stable. Built-in surge and short-circuit proof protection contribute to the long-run fault-free operation.

EKTA’s team uses project-based approach and picks out the custom solution, taking into account illumination requirements to the given part of the road, based on regulatory standards. Consequently, the client buys a well-considered and personalized solution, which contributes to the significant cost reduction and high-quality illumination of the area. If necessary, EKTA luminaires can be integrated with additional devices – cameras, Wi-Fi routers, solar panels etc.

Today, the company provides an intelligent system of city light control – SIMKO, which monitors the luminaire’s status and manage the illumination system in the fastest and most convenient way.

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