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LED variable message traffic boards

LED variable
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EKTA offers high-end solutions for traffic segment.


Individual approach

Individual approach

Products for road safety developed taking into account the climatic conditions in the region of installation.
Easy installation and maintenance

Easy installation and maintenance

EKTA road signs and boards can be easily installed in hard to reach places due to the minimum thickness - only 10 cm and a low weight – from 23 kg depending on the type of solution.


In addition to the basic functions a full-color LED traffic board can be used to display any video.
Compliance with international standards

Compliance with international standards

EKTA`s LED traffic signs and boards meet the requirements of European standards.
Wide temperature range

Wide temperature range

Signs and boards are not afraid temperature extremes and operate smoothly in the range from -25 to +60 ° C (T1 + T2 classes according to EN 12966-1: 2005).


Signs and boards are designed for round the clock operation throughout the entire service life.

Functions of Variable Message Traffic Signs and Boards:

  • To play a key role in traffic control in case of extreme situations (traffic accidents, roadwork, bad weather))
  • To help redirect traffic flow, indicate most efficient routes, reduce unnecessary mileage, therefore improving travel efficiency by overall reduction in the amount of time wasted on the road
  • To reduce traffic accidents and the associated losses (in time, money, etc)


  • City streets, road intersections and interchanges, crosswalks
  • Reversible traffic areas
  • Highways and roads
  • Infrastructure facilities such as railway stations, airports, bridges, etc.
  • Gasoline stations
  • Parking lots and recreation areas
  • Other concentrated traffic areas
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